Everyone will recognise it and has dealt with it before: a device that starts behaving strangely, fails to react or starts leading a life of its own. And you haven’t got a clue as to the cause.
In many cases, environmental conditions turn out to be the cause. Think of a mobile phone in the direct vicinity of the device, a grinder causing all kinds of undesired spikes on the net, neighbouring devices causing all kinds of disturbances on the net or in the field. Think also of a situation in which you are wearing a woollen sweater in winter, causing you to become charged with static electricity
and discharge yourself when you (barely) touch the device.
Quant Consultancy Electronics has the knowledge and a laboratory to analyse such ‘strange’ behaviour by artificially reproducing such conditions, make them visible and find appropriate solutions to make the device sufficiently immune to this.
On the other hand, there are also standards governing the emission of devices. Desired emission, as in the cases of BlueTooth, Wi-Fi and GSM or a microwave, but also undesired emission, will have to be verified to make sure that they remain within the required standards. Quant has all the equipment required to measure and check such emissions.