Research & Development

Look around you and you will find very many products include electronics. LED lighting, remote controls, dimmers, audio-visual equipment, the coffee machine et cetera. Quant’s core activity is electronics development for a varied market including vending, safety products for the railways, emergency brake installations, elevators, measuring instruments for the petrochemical industry, toys, solar energy, biometrics, evacuation systems, fire alarm systems etc. Virtually every design starts with a programme of requirements. This programme is the guiding factor in the most important decisions such as the type of electronics used, focused on the numbers expected, production in Europe or the Far East etc. QCE can supervise the compiling of the programme of requirements. After compilation of this programme, making a proof or concept is usually a good intermediate step between the idea and the final product. After this step a test model is constructed. The design of this test model is based on the definitive model. With this, things such as connection, size, assembly and EMC specifications can be evaluated on this model directly in addition to functional operation. This ensures the quickest route to the definitive product, always in close cooperation with the client, of course.