About us

We are a young and dynamic design and production company with establishments in Alkmaar and Asia. In Alkmaar we mainly develop electronic control units commissioned by third parties. As a device is usually an interplay of electronics, mechanics, optics, pneumatics, hydraulics, energy technology etc., it is important to feel an affinity with these disciplines in order to find smart solutions resulting in a cost-efficient device. This does not only require knowledge of electronics, but also of disciplines such as mechanics, optics, physics and mathematics, enabling us to be a strong partner in the field of technical solutions in a wide range of areas that involve electronics. Quant Consultancy Electronics B.V. is such a partner.
The companies we work for tend to think big. They want to place perfect products that meet all required standards on the market in large volumes at minimal product cost. This also applies to the electronics in these products. In our designs we not only invest much in quality and development solutions, which have a cost-reducing effect in the production stage, but we also perform EMC tests and verification at an early stage, which we are able to do in-house. After all, the sooner the solutions are satisfactory, the more cost-efficient the product will be eventually produced.
In the field of electronics production Quant can be a partner too. In Alkmaar prototypes, pilot runs, small production series and rush orders are produced. Larger, repetitive series are produced in Asia. Distribution for Western Europe is done from Alkmaar. Other locations are supplied directly from Asia. Our production facility in China has licenses for ‘local for local’, so direct delivery to other factories in China is also an option.
Quant remains permanently updated on the latest trends and developments. Quant has a modern, state-of-the-art laboratory, its own EMC measuring facility and can perform prototype, pilot runs as well as mass production. This means Quant can offer the entire trajectory from development up to and including mass production with a short throughput time, and arrange project management and mediation, working only for third parties.