LED lamp on track ..

BAM has developed a maintenance-free LED light bulb in collaboration with ProRail, which increases safety and punctuality of rail traffic by a reliable signaling. The LED lamp replaces the interference-prone light bulbs that are still mostly be used for the signals. ProRail, the application of LED lamps after an independent review approved. In the territories Breda and Betuwe in The Netherlands are the new lights now in use. To ensure the safe rail traffic is indicated by light signals or a driver may drive in the next section. As a sign of failure, is that if a red light and the driver required to stop the train. Although the bulbs are replaced annually, is a so-called light extinguished regularly.
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ProRail sets high standards for the operation of signals. BAM for the development of the LED lamp uses the expertise of Quant Consultancy Electronics. The LED light has been tested by light measurements by Philips Lighting. With some drivers view his tests on a test section in Amersfoort. The independent institute Rail Cert - DEKRA Rail has finally reviewed the fulfillment of all requirements. ProRail on the basis of the results given permission to use the LED lamp on the Dutch railway network.

Source: www.baminfra.nl/nieuws/led-lamp-verhoogt-veiligheid-en-punctualiteit-railverkeer